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45 percent of Democratic voters believe Biden should resign

45 percent of Democratic voters believe that the current president and candidate for reelection in the November elections should resign and allow someone else to run, according to a YouGov study for CBS.

Instead, 55 percent believe Biden should remain the candidate when asked if Biden should be the nominee. Additionally, 54 percent believe he should run, down 10 points from February, while 46 percent believe he should not run.

Additionally, 59 percent of Democratic voters believe he has the mental and cognitive health necessary to be president, down eleven points from June 9.

The study is based on 1,130 interviews with registered voters conducted between June 28 and 29 and has a margin of error of 4.2 points.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign insists that the poor performance in last week’s debate is due to a bad night, because he had a cold, but important media outlets such as ‘The New York Times’, ‘The New Yorker’, ‘ The Economist’, ‘The Chicago Tribune’ and ‘The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’ have called for Biden’s withdrawal.

‘The Washington Post’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal’ have urged serious consideration of a possible withdrawal, but have not openly called for it.

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