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Evo Morales’ followers accuse the Bolivian president of “self-coup”

The ‘evista wing’ of the MAS joins the statements of General Zúñiga, who accuses Arce of asking him to remove “the armored vehicles” to “raise” his popularity

The ‘evista wing’ of the government Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) has accused the president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, of carrying out a “self-coup” of State after a group of soldiers tried to take Murillo Square in La Paz, the center of power political party in the country, an incident that has left at least nine people injured, although they have ended up retreating.

“(From) self-extended magistrates to a self-coup, the Bolivian people are sinking into uncertainty. This institutional disorder, where the authorities illegally extend their mandates,” declared the president of the Chamber of Senators, Adrónico Rodríguez, according to the Bolivian newspaper ‘ Duty’.

These statements are in line with the words of General Juan José Zúñiga, leader of the attempt, who has transferred responsibility to Arce for supposedly having asked him to take out “the armored vehicles” to “raise” the popularity of the Bolivian president, who would have confessed to him that the “situation is very screwed up.”

On the other hand, the follower of former president Evo Morales César Dockweiler has stated that the coup has been a “self-coup” to “strengthen” Arce in the midst of an economic crisis, a theory with which deputy Héctor Arce Rodríguez has also agreed. which he has called a “show put on between Zúñiga and Arce.”

“We Bolivians are experiencing an incredible political show, put together by the irresponsible, incapable and corrupt people, who are tenants in the misnamed Casa Grande del Pueblo. They used an insane general to ‘take’ Murillo Square with tanks, in plain sight. and surprise of some distracted passers-by,” said deputy Luisa Nayar.

In that sense, she has shown her suspicions about the appearance of both Arce and two ministers in front of the military in an act of “courage” in front of armed soldiers who supported the “alleged coup plotter who achieved nothing.”

In addition, deputy Juan Maniel Ormachea has also been suspicious because Zúñiga is a known “masist, archist, disguised as a military man,” and that he had always shown his support for both the president and the MAS. Neither Morales nor Arce have commented on these accusations.

For his part, the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, has reported that it is a “real attempted coup” and not a “simulation” because it has caused at least nine injuries and damage to numerous properties.

The Government of Bolivia has put down just three hours later the attempted coup d’état led by General Juan José Zúñiga, who together with Army units had taken the Murillo square in La Paz, the center of the country’s political power.

Zúñiga has retired after Arce took over the new command of the Armed Forces and appointed the new Army commander, José Sánchez.

The authorities have already managed to arrest both the general and former Vice Admiral Juan Arnez Salvador, who is accused of the crimes of terrorism and armed uprising against the security and sovereignty of the State.

In the early stages of the coup, Zúñiga justified his action to prevent Morales from running in the elections, and had gone so far as to assure that a new cabinet would be formed “soon.”

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