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We all hear that TikTok is the new platform for travel inspiration – but is it really?

New data from USA TODAY Blueprint says otherwise. Our team of experts polled Americans to see how they plan their vacations, how they prefer to travel, and their favorite types of destinations.

So what do Americans turn to instead? Good old fashioned recommendations from friends and family. Our full report on American travel behavior is available at the link below:

Key Findings

  • Tradition over TikTok: Americans turn to friends and family for vacation recommendations. It’s most popular method of researching vacations with 43% of Americans saying it’s their primary inspiration
  • Traveling is expensive: The average vacation in America costs $1,742.90. Considering the fact that the average American takes 2.5 vacations per year, the costs can rack up quickly
  • World travel is on the map: 30% of Americans plan to travel internationally this year.
  • Movin’ Millennials: Millennials said that they travel the most of any age group, with an average of 3.4 getaways per year
  • America loves the beach: 62% of respondents said that the beach is a preferred destination for their travels. Cities and historical/cultural locations tied for second at 44% each
  • Solo travelers spend less: Solo travelers spent only $1,433.30 on average vs. $1,843.90 spent by couples and families. 15% of respondents prefer traveling alone
  • View our full report and methodology at the links below:
    or https://www.usatoday.com/money/blueprint/credit-cards/survey-american-travel-habits-2024/

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