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At least five Palestinian civilians die in Israeli Army bombings in Gaza City

At least five Palestinian civilians have died and a number yet to be determined have been injured to varying degrees this Sunday as a result of a new wave of bombings by the Israeli Army on areas of the center and west of Gaza City, located in the north of the fringe.

Three of the fatalities have lost their lives in an air attack carried out with Israeli fighter jets on a residential building near the Al Jawhara Tower, in the center of the city. This attack has also left dozens of people injured, including women and children, according to sources from the Palestinian news agency Wafa.

Two other people have also been killed in a similar attack, which took place in western Gaza and targeted a family home in Beach Camp.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have also continued to intermittently attack the center and south of Rafah, a city where at least 25 people died this Friday in another attack carried out by the IDF against an area occupied by tents. of Palestinians displaced by the conflict.

The conflict in the Gaza Strip dates back to early October, when the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched an offensive against Israel, leaving almost 1,200 dead and 240 hostages. The Israeli Army then began a bloody counteroffensive focused on Hamas structures in Gaza and which has already left more than 37,000 dead.

Specifically, “the toll of Israeli aggression has increased to 37,551 martyrs and 85,911 wounded since October 7,” according to the balance published this Saturday by the Gaza Ministry of Health, which stated that “the Israeli occupation has committed three massacres against families in the Strip during the last 24 hours, with 101 dead and 169 injured.”

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