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Steve Bannon’s request to postpone his entry into prison is rejected

Trump’s ideologue will begin serving four months in prison on July 1 if he ends up exhausting the Supreme Court avenue

A federal appeals court has rejected the request of Steve Bannon, ideologue of the former Trump administration, to postpone his entry into prison to begin serving the four-month prison sentence imposed on him for contempt on July 1. to the United States Congress.

To suspend his sentence, Bannon only has the option of a final appeal to the Supreme Court – although he will remain in jail while this procedure is processed – after judges Cornelia Pillard and Bradley Garcia issued a majority decision to deny the request to postpone his entry into prison.

Judge Justin Walker, nominated at the time by Trump, has dissented from the decision, understanding that Bannon should remain free while the appeal before the Supreme Court lasts, according to the opinion reported by the ‘Washington Post’.

Bannon was found guilty of contempt for refusing to appear before the House of Representatives committee, the lower house of the United States Congress, which was investigating the assault on the Capitol carried out in January 2021 by, among others, Trump supporters in protest against what they considered to be the manipulation of the elections that ended with the defeat of the magnate in November of the previous year.

Trump’s ideologue, who has denounced this entire process as a persecution to silence him in the face of next November’s elections — in which Trump and Biden will meet again, four years later — will spend his four months in prison a low-security prison in Danbury, Connecticut.

Away from the public eye after the end of the Trump administration, Bannon is known for his podcast “The War Room,” which he has described as “a military command center in information warfare.” and dedicated his efforts to promoting more local electoral campaigns such as that of the ultra-conservative Republican Bob Good, for the state of Virginia.

His lawyers have even gone so far as to appeal to Bannon’s “significant work as an advisor in the current electoral campaign” to prevent their client from going to jail while the Prosecutor’s Office has responded that his role in political discourse “is simply not a relevant factor.” “.

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