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The White House denounces the dissemination of “false” and “manipulated” videos about Biden

He emphasizes that this is a sign of the “despair of the Republicans” in the face of the presidential elections.

The White House has denounced the dissemination of “false” and “manipulated” videos about the US president, Joe Biden, in which the physical and mental deterioration of the 81-year-old president was supposedly shown, and has stressed that it is an example of the “despair of the Republicans” in the face of the presidential elections, which will take place in November.

“It is ironic that there are multiple falsifications to attack the president for thanking the troops. That is why they attack the president, both in Normandy and in Italy,” said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a press conference, in reference to the recent videos published on social networks and collected by various media about Biden’s attitude during various official events.

Thus, she has stressed that these videos “say everything there is to know about how desperate the Republicans are.” “Instead of talking about his performance in office, and I mean his legislative victories, what he has been able to do for Americans across the country, we see these ‘deep fakes’, these manipulated videos,” he maintained, before claim that they are published “in bad faith.”

Various surveys carried out in the North American country have reflected growing concern about Biden’s health and his cognitive abilities, a situation that has been fueled by the videos that have emerged in recent days, especially given the proximity of the presidential elections, in which He will face former president Donald Trump to try to revalidate his mandate.

Last week a video was published in which Biden was seen with other G7 leaders during a skydiving show, after which he is seen walking away from the group before the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, approaches him. . However, Jean-Pierre has highlighted that the images were edited and said that Biden separated from the group to greet the paratroopers.

“This was widely verified, even by conservative media,” she said. “If you play the video a little longer you will see what was happening and what the president was doing,” he added, referring to the fact that the president can be seen greeting some paratroopers, something that cannot be seen in the cut. the images published by some videos.

For this reason, he has reiterated that “the Republicans, instead of focusing on the president’s performance in office and what he has achieved, are dedicated to making these manipulations”, while also addressing a video during a celebration in the House White in which several people are seen dancing near Biden while he remains standing and almost without moving.

“The president was standing listening to the music and did not dance. Excuse me, but I did not know that not dancing was a health problem,” said Jean-Pierre. “It’s a strange thing to point out when, if you look at the people who were around him, if you see the expanded video, there are some people who were not dancing either, and that has been demonstrated,” he argued.

“During the last few weeks there have been manipulated videos, which have been verified, also by conservative media, who say that these media are false, that they have been manipulated,” he highlighted, before stating that Biden “has done more in his three years and a half as president than most presidents. “He did it because he knows what he does”, he added.

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