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Milei criticizes the “disaster” of the last 20 years in Argentina and announces a package of “anti-caste laws”

The president of Argentina, Javier Milei, announced during his speech at the opening of ordinary sessions of Congress that he will send to the Chamber a “package of anti-caste laws” that contemplates, among other things, the elimination of privileged retirements for presidents and vice presidents. or the elimination of financing political parties with public funds.

“The privileged caste lives as if they were monarchs, there is a vulgarity of waste, a conscious and planned scheme,” the president has reproached, emphasizing that “Argentina woke up a little more than three months ago,” when “a silent majority, which is made up of those who work and produce, raised their voices.

In his speech, collected by the Télam agency, the leader of the Argentine Executive has charged against “the previous policy”, criticizing that “the last 20 years have been an economic disaster, with an orgy of public spending, uncontrolled emissions and the worst inheritance that a Government has received”.

“We receive a State that does everything and does everything wrong. The greater the State present, the greater the waste and the less well-being for good Argentines,” said Milei, who has defined the State as “a criminal association designed so that behind each process there is a bribe for the politician in office”.

“Peronist leaders like Sergio Massa, Juan Grabois, Máximo Kirchner and Pablo Moyano are riders of failure and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said she was responsible for one of the worst governments in history,” he added.

In this regard, the president recalled that he has “the support of millions of Argentines who want real change” and has highlighted that he has “carried out the most ambitious program in living memory, which began to destroy the fiscal deficit and a cut of five points of GDP was made in public spending.

On the other hand, Milei has assured that they will force unions “to elect their authorities through periodic, free elections supervised by the electoral justice system that will limit terms of office to four years and establish a limit of a single re-election.”

“A president who may not have (parliamentary) majorities or governors but knows what he has to do and has the conviction to do it (…). I ask the Argentines for patience and trust. We are on the right path. Long live fucking freedom “Milei concluded and this was reflected by Télam, whose closure was also announced by the president in his speech.

The former president of Argentina Mauricio Macri has praised the plea of the current tenant of the Casa Rosada and has asserted that “the PRO (Republican Proposal party) will be in Córdoba to sign the ‘May 25 Pact'”, a ten-point agreement that They aim to rebuild the country’s foundations.

Macri has valued Milei’s intervention before the Legislative Assembly as “a clear, firm and courageous message” and has urged the Argentine people to support the president.

“All Argentines have to support the president and the political class (he has to) accept this invitation in a gesture of humility and greatness,” the former president argued in a publication on his account on the social network .

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