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Biden regrets the death of Piñera and highlights that he worked to achieve “a safer and more prosperous future” for Chile

Putin emphasizes that the former president was “an outstanding statesman” and regrets his “tragic death” in a helicopter accident

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, conveyed his condolences to Chile this Wednesday after the death on Tuesday of former president Sebastián Piñera in a helicopter accident in Lake Ranco and has praised their work to achieve “a safer and more prosperous future.” for the South American country

“Jill and I join the people of Chile in mourning the tragic death of former President Sebastián Piñera,” said Biden, who highlighted that the former president was “moved by a feeling of passion and purpose” and “worked tirelessly to grow Chile’s economy.

Thus, he has stated that the former Chilean president “defended the nation against him on the world stage,” according to a statement published by the White House. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, he put the safety of his fellow citizens above all else, helping Chile achieve one of the fastest vaccination rates in the world,” he recalled.

“Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2010, Piñera’s steadfast leadership not only helped Chile move forward through the pain of darkness and loss, but allowed Chile to emerge stronger, an inspiration from which Chileans They can continue to draw lessons today as they bravely fight and recover from the tragic wildfires.

“I deeply appreciate my time working with Piñera over the last decade, when I saw firsthand her dedication to her country and to our association. The United States will maintain the important legacy of cooperation that she helped shape and we send our deep condolences to the former first lady Cecilia Morel, her family and all those who mourn this great loss,” he concluded.

For his part, Putin has conveyed to the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, his “deep condolences” for the “tragic death” of Piñera. “Having held the position of head of state twice, Sebastián Piñera did a lot for the socioeconomic development of the country and had great international authority,” he noted, according to a Kremlin statement.

In this way, he has emphasized that the former Chilean president “made a significant contribution on a personal level to the development of friendly relations between Russia and Chile” and has delved into the fact that “he had the opportunity to communicate in person with this outstanding statesman.” and that “he will always preserve a great memory of him.”

Piñera, 74, died in a helicopter accident that took place minutes after the takeoff of the device, piloted by himself. The authorities have not yet determined the causes, pending the investigation to progress. The other three passengers – his sister Magdalena, his friend and former partner Ignacio Guerrero and the latter’s son – managed to get out of the aircraft, reaching the shore on their own and without significant damage.

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