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Algeria calls for Security Council meeting to discuss ICJ ruling on Israel

The president of Algeria, Abdelmayid Tebboune, has asked the country’s permanent mission to the UN to request a meeting of the Security Council, the highest executive body of the international organization, to discuss the ruling issued this Friday by the International Court of Justice. and that requests Israel to adopt measures to prevent genocide in Gaza.

The Court’s ruling, according to the Algerian Foreign Ministry, is an endorsement of the position on the Israeli campaign exhibited from the very beginning by President Tebboune, “the first head of State” who drew the attention of international jurisdictional bodies to “the multiplicity of crimes punishable by International Humanitarian Law perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza.”

“Algeria considers that the ruling of the International Court of Justice heralds the beginning of the end of the era of impunity from which the Israeli occupation has benefited for so long,” the note adds.

The ICJ on Friday urged Israeli authorities to take “all possible measures” to protect the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip from alleged abuses under the Genocide Convention and to “urgently” ensure that they receive the necessary aid. , in a battery of precautionary measures that, however, does not imply an immediate cessation of the military offensive.

Judge Joan E. Donoghue has stated in a public reading that the ICJ has jurisdiction over this case, endorsing that South Africa can sue Israel for alleged violation of the aforementioned convention and that the litigation can therefore continue. Donoghue has stressed that a “human tragedy” is taking place in Gaza and has confirmed that the ICJ is “deeply concerned” by the high number of deaths.

In fact, he has exposed some of the figures given by local authorities, despite the fact that there is no “independent verification”, and statements from UN agencies to account for the “devastation” that the Strip has suffered for more than one hundred days. . “The situation of children in Gaza is especially devastating,” she lamented.

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