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Juanita Castro, sister of Fidel and Raúl Castro, dies at 90

Juanita Castro, the little sister of former Cuban leaders Fidel and Raúl Castro, died this Monday at the age of 90, without the cause of death having been made public, according to the Mexican journalist María Antonieta Collins, the author. of his memories.

“This is the news that I never wanted to give, but that, as his spokesperson in the last three decades of his life, I have to tell. Today, at 90 years of age, he went ahead of us on the path of life and death Juanita Castro, exceptional woman, tireless fighter for the cause of her Cuba that she loved so much,” Collins announced.

The reporter has indicated that the family of the deceased has requested privacy, they will not give interviews and the funeral will be private, as she has indicated through a statement published on her Instagram profile.

The fifth daughter of Ángel Castro and Lina Ruz was one of the most critical voices of Fidel Castro’s regime and she left the country, where she never returned. He left the island in 1964, on his way to Mexico, where his sister Enma lived, and settled in Miami (United States). He worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the 1960s, as he revealed in a television interview. , and ran a community pharmacy until he decided to retire in 2006.

In her memoirs, written with the Mexican journalist María Antonieta Collins and titled ‘Fidel and Raúl, my brothers. The Secret History’, says that he initially supported the Cuban Revolution led by his brother Fidel against the dictator Flugencio Batista, but also details the enormous disappointment he felt when he saw that his older brother was ordering the execution of his opponents and leading the people towards communism. island.

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