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The US expresses its support for Arévalo after the “antidemocratic” actions of the Guatemalan Prosecutor’s Office

The president-elect of Guatemala thanks Washington for “expressing itself in favor” of the transition

The National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan, expressed this Tuesday his support for the elected president of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo, after the “antidemocratic” actions against the will of Guatemalans and against a peaceful transition of power.

“(Sullivan) has expressed the support of the United States Government for President-elect Arévalo following last week’s undemocratic efforts to undermine the will of the Guatemalan people, intimidate electoral authorities and prevent the peaceful transition of power,” reads a statement from the White House.

During the meeting, Arévalo highlighted his vision of “a more prosperous, democratic and secure Guatemala”, while he took the opportunity to thank the US Government for “expressing itself in favor of a democratic transition process.”

Meanwhile, the US side has highlighted its work to combat the factors that drive migration in Central America such as promoting economic development, combating corruption, strengthening democratic governance, promoting human and labor rights, prevention of violence and organized crime, or the fight against sexual and gender violence.

Since the Arévalo Semilla Movement achieved surprising results – compared to what the polls predicted – in the first electoral round, held on June 25, the Guatemalan Public Ministry has taken numerous actions to disable the results or make illegal the political formation, actions that have received condemnation from the international community.

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