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Google prepares a generative AI tool for writing newspaper articles

Google is testing a new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for news production, aimed at helping journalists write articles, which has already been showcased to media executives such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

This tool, known internally as Genesis, is capable of collecting information, such as details of current events, and serving as a kind of personal assistant for journalists and editors, as people related to the company have confirmed to The New York Times.

Specifically, Google has developed a tool with which it hopes to offer responsible technology focused on keeping the publishing industry “away from the traps” of generative artificial intelligence.

Google, for now, has only acknowledged that it has partnered with news publishers, “especially the smaller ones,” and that it is “in the early stages of exploring ideas” with this work, spokeswoman Jenn Crider said.

In this way, he hopes that with Genesis he can “potentially provide enabled tools to help journalists with their work.” For the moment, this tool would have been exhibited to executives of The New York Times, The Washington Post and New Corp, owner of The Wall Street Journal.

From this medium they also remember that both publishers and content creators have been criticizing Google and other companies that develop generative AI solutions for a long time.

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