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YouTube launches a new function with which it regulates the playback volume intelligently

YouTube has introduced a new function called ‘Stable Volume’ -or stable volume-, which is capable of regulating the playback volume intelligently, so that users do not experience sudden rises and falls in volume when they go through a video to another.

The tech giant is deploying intelligent capabilities, typically powered by generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various sectors of its services, such as its chatbot Bard, to offer users more possibilities and better experiences with its apps.

Now, the video platform is starting to add a new feature that is apparently capable of regulating the volume of the content being played on YouTube videos so that it does so in a linear fashion.

This is possible thanks to the ‘Stable Volume’ feature, as some users have shared via Reddit, who have pointed out that although they are not entirely sure how it works, it seems to be “a normalizer and compressor that equalizes the volume so that no big jumps.”

This new function to which, for the moment, only some users have had access, seeks to balance the volume of the reproduction in an intelligent way. With this, users will be able to listen to different videos with equal volume and, even, they will be able to listen to different parts of a video with the same volume.

To find this feature, the user will need to enter the video setup menu. Next, you should look for the ‘Stable Volume’ option and press the button to turn it on, that is, change its setting to ‘On’.

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