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Sony introduces the HT-AX7 portable theater system with spatial and surround sound

Sony has presented its new HT-AX7 portable cinema system, capable of reproducing spatial and surround sound with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology, just by placing its three speakers around the room and users.

The technology company continues to work to provide technology that offers users “fascinating” experiences, in this case, with hearing technology focused on viewing videos and movies from anywhere and with “surround” sound.

Within this framework, Sony has presented its new HT-AX7 sound system, which it refers to as a portable cinema system designed to enjoy entertainment with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology.

As the company has explained in a statement on its website, 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology achieves “surround” sound by creating multiple virtual speakers throughout the entire room, both in the front and in the rear and above the users head.

To achieve a listening experience similar to that of a movie theater, the user only has to place the three speakers that make up this device around him, without having to carry out a special installation.

HT-AX7 uses a conversion algorithm, which can transform the stereo signal into “three-dimensional surround sound”; the converter analyzes the sound in real time and then redistributes it individually to create this immersive experience.

In fact, this function is capable of achieving surround sound “even with two-channel content”, such as that offered by streaming services, as Sony has detailed.

This portable cinema system has a 30-hour battery life and, in terms of its design, it is a device with “elegant and versatile” lines, according to the company. With this, it is intended that the device agrees with “any decoration”. Following this line, they are “light” speakers that can be carried with one hand.

In order to configure this speaker system, users must use Sony’s Home Entertainment Connect application, through which you can control the volume, sound field and other sound settings. And it uses the connection via Bluetooth to pair all the speakers automatically and link them with the ‘smartphone’.

Finally, Sony has emphasized its design focused on caring for the environment, framed in its intention to use the least amount of plastic in its products. Thus, the body of the loudspeaker uses a textile material made from one hundred percent recycled PET bottles that include recycled plastics.

For its part, the packaging has Sony’s Original Blended Material, a product made of bamboo, sugar cane and recycled paper. By using this material, Sony has eliminated the use of plastics in its packaging.

The HT-AX7 portable cinema system will arrive in Spain next August and will be made available to users for an approximate price of 550 euros.

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