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Biden names Charles Brown as the new chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff

The US president urges the Senate to confirm the appointment with “overwhelming bipartisan support”

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has appointed this Thursday Charles Brown, head of the US Air Force, the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing Mark Milley, who has held the position since he was appointed by former President Donald Trump in October 2019.

“General Brown is a warrior, descended from a proud lineage of warriors. His father, a US Army Colonel, CQ Brown, served in Vietnam. His grandfather, Master Sergeant Robert Brown Jr., led a unit in World War II World Cup,” Biden said, noting that the general is a “fearless leader and an unwavering patriot.”

The US president stressed that Brown’s experience, since “he brings to this position more than 3,000 hours of flight experience”, means “being at the center of the battle and knowing how to stay calm when things get difficult”. . “He has unmatched first-hand knowledge of our operations and a strategic vision to understand how they all work together to ensure security for the American people,” he said, according to a White House statement.

Biden has also stressed that the general “in all services has earned the respect of those who have seen him in action”, in addition to the “respect of our allies and partners around the world, who consider General Brown a trusted partner and A top notch tactician.

In addition, he has pointed out that, in the current context, Washington has to “maintain a credible fighting force, capable of deterring or defeating any potential threat.” “With General Brown, I know I can count on him to advise me as a military strategist and as a leader of military innovation dedicated to keeping our Armed Forces the women of the world,” Biden said.

“I cannot think of anyone more suitable or more qualified to lead our forces through the challenges and responsibility that lie ahead,” he concluded, urging the US Senate to confirm the appointment with “overwhelming bipartisan support.”

General Brown, born in 1962 and known in the Pentagon for his methodical and calculating nature, will assume command of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the midst of two main conflict scenarios: the war in Ukraine and the increase in Chinese activity in the Indus -Pacific, in the midst of Beijing’s sovereign claims on Taiwan.

Brown has been serving as chief of the Air Force since August 2020 after having served as deputy commander of the United States Central Command, CENTCOM, responsible for US military operations from the Horn of Africa to the Persian Gulf and, above all, the command of the Pacific Air Forces, among other positions of responsibility.

After this appointment, he thus becomes the second black head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since former President George H. W. Bush appointed Colin Powell in October 1989. It will be the first time that two black men hold the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the secretary of the Department of Defense (Lloyd Austin) at the same time.

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