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Montana becomes the first US state to ban TikTok

The governor of the US state of Montana, Greg Gianforte, announced this Wednesday the ban on the TikTok application, thus becoming the first state to take this measure.

Gianforte has explained that he has taken this measure “to protect the personal and private data of the inhabitants of Montana from the Chinese Communist Party”, as he has indicated through his profile on the social network Twitter.

Thus, it has indicated that “TikTok is just an application linked to foreign adversaries”, which is why it has ordered the State’s information director “to prohibit any application from the state network that provides information or personal data to foreign adversaries”.

The controversial law, which comes as some lawmakers have called for a nationwide ban on the app, marks another step in the ban on TikTok — whose parent company is China’s ByteDance — after security concerns have grown in the West. regarding a possible use of the application as a Trojan horse to promote pro-China propaganda or collect user data.

The Chinese authorities have denounced that, after the cascade of vetoes that took place in recent months by several countries — the US, the United Kingdom and the EU — in public administration devices, there is hidden a political intention without any type of of real technological justification.

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