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Four victims dead and one shooter dead after shooting at a Louisville, Kentucky bank

The shooter, who used an assault rifle similar to the AR-15, could be a former bank worker.

Four people have died and another six have been injured this Monday in an attack perpetrated by an individual who has also died after assaulting a bank branch in the US city of Louisville, in Kentucky, according to the Police.

Louisville Police officers and the FBI have moved to the scene, where authorities initially reported an “active shooter” and urged citizens to avoid the area. Less than an hour later, authorities confirmed that the alleged attacker had been “neutralized.”

The attacker was “a lone wolf”, in the words of the police officer, Paul Humphrey, who also clarified at a press conference that the alleged attacker “had a connection with the bank”, according to CNN. Specifically, they work with the hypothesis that he could be a former employee of the entity, the Police have revealed, although the reasons for his action have not been disclosed.

Police have confirmed that the injured include at least one member of the security forces. In fact, when the agents arrived at the bank there was an exchange of shots with the agents, although Humphrey has explained that it is not clear if the shooter died from the bullets fired by the Police or took his own life.

The governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, has traveled to the scene, from where he has condemned the “horrible” attack in an appearance before the media. Beshear has confirmed that he was related to the bank attacked and that among the victims there are several “close friends” of his.

Apparently the attacker used an AR-15 type assault rifle, according to sources from the federal security forces consulted by CNN, which could further revive the debate on restrictions on the possession of weapons.

Following this new shooting, US President Joe Biden has called on the Republican opposition, which controls the House of Representatives, to legislate on the issue.

“Once again our country mourns a senseless act of gun violence. Jill and I pray for the lives that have been lost. We are touched by this shooting. Too many Americans are paying the price for inaction with their lives.” he has argued. For this reason, he has appealed to the Republican congressmen in a message posted on Twitter to “protect” the communities.

The Republican Party, opposed to restricting gun ownership at the federal level, has the majority and therefore control of the House of Representatives, where in fact there are several Democratic representatives aligned with the Republicans on this issue, so it seems It is unlikely that any legislative initiative in this regard will prosper.

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