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Apple will include some of the “most user-requested” features in iOS 17, according to Gurman

Apple will introduce more innovations than expected in the next version of the iOS 17 operating system, which will not only include bug fixes and performance improvements, but will also come with some of the “most requested by users” functions, according to what the Analyst Mark Gurman.

The technology company will present the new iOS 17 version at the next developer conference (WWDC 2023), whose date has yet to be confirmed and, according to the Bloomberg analyst and journalist, a more important version of the operating system will be shown than expected. initially.

As Gurman has pointed out in his Bloomberg ‘Power On’ newsletter, and Macrumors has reported, the iOS 16 version was an “ambitious” update that “missed deadlines and got off to a buggy start.”

In this sense, when Apple began to develop iOS 17, it did so by focusing on releasing an update that would fix bugs and improve the performance of previous versions, leaving the implementation of new features in the background. “The initial idea was to call it a tuning pitch,” says Gurman.

However, now, Mark Gurman has advanced that Apple has made a “change of strategy” during the development process of the update and the release of iOS 17 is expected to have several new “nice to have” features.

Thus, he has reported that the new objective of the ‘software’, whose code name is ‘Dawn’, is to introduce “several of the functions most requested by users.”

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