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Bloodstained Men Kissimmee Circumcision Crisis Protest

(KISSIMMEE, FL) – The Bloodstained Men & Their Friends have something to say: Everyone has a right to their own body.

The Bloodstained Men will share this message on the streets of Florida during their 13-day protest tour. The human rights protest – and its attention-grabbing aesthetic featuring bloodstained men – will take place in Kissimmee on Friday, January 20, 2023 with a protest at W Vine Street and John Young Parkway from 10am to 12pm. Please see the full protest schedule below.

Residents of Kissimmee will be peacefully educated by activists including victims of genital cutting. The public will be reminded that babies whose genitals are mutilated as infants grow up to be men who are speaking out about what was done to their penis before they could defend themselves.

Passersby will be faced with the basic, undeniable human rights argument against the routine genital cutting of children: the foreskin is a healthy, valuable body part that belongs solely and entirely to the child. It is unnecessary, cruel, damaging, and ethically unacceptable to remove a healthy body part from a person who is incapable of consent.

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  3. circumcision is incredibly painful and traumatic experience.
    Children don’t sleep through it they go into shock.


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