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Republicans increase pressure on Congressman George Santos for his lies

Republican colleagues of Congressman George Santos, recently appointed as a member of the House of Representatives, have increased the pressure in recent days, openly asking him to resign due to the cascade of lies that he spread during the electoral campaign.

Santos has exaggerated or directly inserted into his professional and personal resume, with a false Jewish heritage linked to the Holocaust and a mother who had supposedly died in the attacks of September 11, 2001, among other lies that have come to light. .

The Republicans who represent the New York county of Nassau in different areas, including Congressman Anthony D’Esposito, asked Santos to resign on Wednesday and in recent days the list has been expanding. Only in the Capitol there are already six comrades who are demanding that he leave.

The last to do so was Max Miller, on Thursday, who has appealed to “the highest levels of honesty and reliability” that a congressman is expected to do. “It is not right to invent or lie for political interests,” he stated in a statement collected by the ‘Cleveland.com’ portal.

Santos, however, has ignored the critical voices of several of his colleagues, alleging that he was chosen to serve the citizens, “not the party or the politicians.”

He has the veiled endorsement of the new president of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, who has tiptoed through what is one of his first controversies. “The voters of his district elected him. He has taken office and is part of the Republican conference,” he told the media on Thursday.

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