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A management committee integrated and managed by the beneficiaries will be created, with the support and technical advice of Ideccoop

The Supérate social subsidy program and the Cooperative Development and Credit Institute (Idecoop) signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of implementing an extensive training program for Multiple Savings and Services Cooperatives, involving family members from the Supérate program in different areas.
With the agreement signed between and Gloria Reyes, general director of Supérate and Franco de los Santos, administrator president of Idecoop, both entities intend to incorporate more than 95 cooperatives with the aim of creating joint actions in favor of this dynamic sector of the economy.
The entities will work together and in favor of the creation of a “Cooperative Management Committee”, where the beneficiaries that integrate them will be responsible for developing the work plan with the advice of Idecoop technicians.
This integration will benefit cooperatives in the areas of agriculture, savings and loans, industry, sewing, crafts, as well as family farming; replicating the model of social solidarity economy.
The general director of Supérate, Gloria Reyes, assured that: “economic improvement plays a vital role for people to get out of dependence on the State. With this alliance Supérate and Idecoop are assuming the role of guides, hostesses for well-being and productivity through cooperatives”.
In that order, the administrator of Idecoop, Franco de los Santos, stated that: “the cooperative system gives results because it is the way in which there is a permanent follow-up, people unite and are educated.”
The compromises
In this important alliance for the promotion of self-help organizations, Idecoop will exempt the cooperatives sponsored by Supérate from paying the tax for the feasibility study required by the entity.
They will also receive training on issues of cooperatives and social solidarity economy, and Idecoop will provide technical support for the formation of care cooperatives.
Supérate, has the task of identifying the groups in which the cooperatives are being promoted and motivating the beneficiaries to organize themselves in them, in addition to providing the intellectual tools for their formation and supporting the cooperatives in their formation for the assembly of their respective constitutive assemblies
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