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These are the most complete ‘apps’ to celebrate Christmas and congratulate your loved ones

With the arrival of Christmas, there are many formats that we can choose to congratulate our friends and family, either through photographs or the typical Christmas cards or ‘Christmas’ in physical format.

However, it is less and less frequent that we receive a congratulation by post, since there are many more who prefer to opt for technology to send their best wishes to their loved ones.

There are several formats that we can use for this, but there is a way that in recent times has proven to be easy to use (since it is not necessary to choose the contacts one by one) and infallible: the WhatsApp statuses.

The ephemeral contents of this messaging application allow users to share different personalized updates. Your contacts, with the exception of those who remain blocked, will be able to see a text, an image or a video up to 24 hours after the moment when users have published it.

The visibility of these states, which have a maximum duration of 30 seconds, can be configured, since in addition to the blocked ones, exceptions (“that are visible to everyone, except …”) and limitations (“share only with…”).

Another of the most curious options that we can have access to for just two months is the Memmo platform. This is used to search for celebrities from the world of music, cinema or football, among others, to send a personalized message to someone special to us.

To do this, you just have to access the platform, choose the person you want to congratulate your loved ones and contract the gift. Before making the payment, the text that we want to repeat must be included. In a period of no more than three days, our partner, friend or family member will receive the video on their mobile phone or by e-mail.

In addition to text messages, ‘celebrities’, footballers or ‘influencers’ of TikTok can make declarations of love, marriage proposals and, they can even sing a song; one of the most common requests in the ‘Singers’ section.

If you are one of those people who do not understand Christmas without musical background music, you should consider Dancing Elf. It is an application that was very successful in 2020 and this year is postulated as one of the most downloaded on both Android and iOS mobiles.

With it, we can recreate different choreographies with our relatives in a virtual way, only creating a 3D model of the faces and putting them on the body of an elf. Then the dance and the funds are chosen to create different scenarios.

If we opt for something simpler, we can go to Christmas Photo Frames. It is an application available for iOS and Android that contains 300 templates to design a Christmas postcard in a simple way. We choose the model, the photograph and the text that we want to include in it.

Despite the fact that many users use it for these holidays, it presents several themes (and, among them, is this Christmas section) and it is completely free. However, those who wish to access specific content can do so with a subscription of 5.49 euros.

The little ones are usually the protagonists of these parties, since Christmas is synonymous with illusion and magic. Because they are digital natives, adults can take advantage of approaching technology in a different way with Christmas apps like PNP.

Portable North Pole (hence the PNP of the name), is a way of getting closer to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men, since through this application they can be addressed directly to children with personalized messages.

To access this free application, which presents a separate premium paid version, it is only necessary to enter the name of the child, as well as an image and the message that they want Santa Claus or Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar to send them.

For its part, SantApp, also intended for the little ones in the house. With it, it will be possible to simulate that these basic characters are inside the house and, specifically, in the place where they usually leave their gifts on the night of December 24 or January 5.

Available for free on Android and iOS, it consists of a customizable recording of Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men with the children’s names that works in airplane mode and emulates their presence on the other side of the door.

In this way, thanks to a built-in timer, parents will be able to wake up their children and go to the room with the tree or the nativity scene, which will remain with the door closed.

With noises and dialogues, the little ones will believe that these magical characters are placing the gifts and, when the audio ends, they will be able to enter to check what has been left for them.

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