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Biden calls on Republicans to stop attacking those who support his policies “for the good of America.”

US President Joe Biden has urged Republicans to put aside “retaliation” against members of the formation who have supported the infrastructure bill promoted by the Government and passed last week in the House of Representatives. Representatives.

The president, who has called for an end to these attacks, has indicated that “this must stop for the good of the United States” and has regretted that he had never seen a Parliament behave like this before.

His words come after some Republican deputies have put on the table the possibility of expelling from the party those who have supported Democratic policy, according to information from CNN. Likewise, former President Donald Trump has lashed out at the 13 Republicans implicated and has questioned his loyalty to the Republican Party for giving Biden a victory when he “is running into difficulties at the polls.”

“I hope we can return to a place where there is more civility in politics,” Biden said during a conversation with the chairman of the Democratic Party National Committee, Jaime Harrison. “I really mean it. I’ve never seen this,” he said.

In this sense, he has stressed that this “must stop for the good of the United States.” “I know that I get in trouble if I talk about bipartisan issues, (…) but it is important because unless we achieve consensus, the United States is in danger,” he said.

Biden, who has thanked all the deputies who have allowed the approval of the package of measures, has insisted that what happened “is not right.” “We are going to change it, anyway,” he said.

“During the last four years, the president said that he was going to carry out the infrastructure issues, but he did not, so I have had to carry that work forward,” he stressed before emphasizing that we must ” remember what brought the Democrats to the White House. “

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