The five keys to the perfect selfie this summer, according to experts

The front cameras of smartphones have been gaining prominence in recent years. In addition to the classic selfies, which multiply in the summer and holidays, are added video calls, which have brought us closer to our relatives in these months of pandemic and have made teleworking easier for us. These lenses have become essential in a good ‘smartphone’ and the experts at vivo give us some keys to get the most out of them.

These front cameras have also become popular thanks to the significant growth in the creation of content for social networks, such as Instagram or TikTok, especially among younger users. Taking pictures and recording videos in ‘selfie’ mode is a trend in the sector and manufacturers have it increasingly clear.

“Live we design our ‘smartphones’ to meet the lifestyle needs of our customers and, therefore, as we live and share more content ‘online’, we focus on the front camera and have innovated to help users to obtain perfect images “, says Xavi de la Asunción, Marketing Director of vivo Spain.

This is the case of the new V21 5G, which stands out for its exclusive 44 megapixel selfie camera and 4K video recording, which is supported by an exclusive optical image stabilization system. To the technical specifications of the lens must be added a deep work of ‘software’ -supported by artificial intelligence- and two other elements that sometimes go unnoticed: the holding of the terminal and the screen.

When looking for the perfect terminal for selfies and content creation through the front camera, the first thing to take into consideration is the quality of the lens and that is usually measured in its megapixels in the case of photographs (or in the video quality, with 4K as the benchmark in the high range). In addition, it is worth paying attention to aspects such as the angle of view and the aperture of the diaphragm, since the lower the f-number, the greater the luminosity we will be able to give the scene to be captured.

These issues directly related to the ‘hardware’ have to have the support of the ‘software’ – developed by the company’s experts to get the most out of the camera. In this way, vivo relies on an exclusive optical image stabilization system, which is based on intelligent algorithms to improve the treatment of the final image.

“The new V21 5G has been created for a world where video interaction is a perfect component for both private and professional life. With this in mind, we have taken a huge leap forward to redefine the standard for cameras. front of smartphones, combining a 44 MP front camera with optical stabilization along with some amazing features so that users can always get the best results “, adds Carlos Mellado, product manager at vivo Spain.

Another aspect to take into account are the photo and video modes created specifically for image enhancement and which users can access with just one movement on their mobile screen. In the case of vivo, it introduces a ‘Night Portrait’ mode, with a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm that reduces noise in dark environments, allows better focus and offers greater clarity to the faces of the subjects.

Front flashes can also help enhance these scenes. Experts do not usually recommend very strong direct impacts, since they can ‘burn’ some areas of the image, but if it is possible to nuance it can create a very interesting effect. In this sense, vivo incorporates Dual Selfie Spotlight technology, which combines the soft light of the screen with two built-in front flashes to improve these types of shots. These are located above the screen and are so discreet that it is difficult to see them when they are turned off.

On the other hand, and although a priori it does not seem to be related to taking pictures or recording video, the design of the mobile plays an important role. The weight and grip of the terminal is essential when it comes to getting the perfect shot. At this point, the V21 5G has been designed with a case that is just 7.29mm thick and weighs about 175 grams.

The screen of the ‘smartphone’ also has an unexpected role. A good panel, which faithfully reproduces the tones, will help confirm that the user achieves the effect they are looking for in their photography or video (without being surprised when they share those images with a friend or see it on a computer screen). In the same way, it is essential that this panel has a good brightness, which allows the image to be previewed even when the sun hits it directly.

Details on which the experts of vivo influence and that, now, they seek to bring all users closer together with the launch of the V21 5G ‘smartphone’, which has been on sale in Spain since last July 21 for 399 euros.

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