Facebook and Spotify advance in the integration of music content with Project Boombox


Facebook is working on integrating Spotify content on its platform through an agreement with the company behind the streaming music platform that is developed under the so-called ‘Project Boombox’.

The technology company has announced a set of social innovations focused on audio, including the ability to listen to podcasts directly in the social network application and live audio rooms, following the example of Clubhouse.

The executive director of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, has deepened this Monday in the audio work that they are carrying out, in an interview with Casey Newton on the Discord platform. As he has reported, he has partnered with Spotify to bring his music content to Facebook.

This association is part of what they have called ‘Project Boombox’, and will take advantage of an internal player that Facebook is developing so that users of the social network can listen to songs and Spotify lists without having to share external links.

According to TechCrunch from sources close to these plans, this internal player will support both songs and podcasts, and is expected to arrive in a week, after testing in markets such as Mexico and Thailand.

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