Obama, Bush and Clinton wish Biden “success” and advocate for unity in the US

The former presidents send a joint message in support of democracy and this “new beginning”

Former US Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton have wished the new president, Joe Biden, “success” and encouraged Americans to “work together” and in the “same direction.”

This has been asserted in a video message included among the last acts of Biden’s inauguration, with the main objective of appealing to the unity of the country after a period of division, a premise that was the central idea of ​​the campaign of the new president.

“It is a personal honor to see my former president become the 46th president of the United States and Kamala Harris become the first female vice president,” Obama said, emphasizing that they will be “available” to “help” move the country forward.

Likewise, he has stressed that Americans are “resistant” and “there are no problems that they cannot solve when they work together.” “We all discover that we are better when we go in the same direction,” he stressed.

Obama has also emphasized the importance of the inauguration as a symbol of a “peaceful transfer of power”, of which Bush has also spoken, who has pointed out that the fact that three former presidents – two Democrats and one Republican – – Speaking at the inauguration day of the Biden legislature demonstrates the “integrity” of US institutions.

“The three of us were very lucky to have been presidents of this country. Mr. President, I hope you are successful, your success is that of the country,” asserted Bush, who also specified that “if the Americans loved their neighbors as they like to be loved, much of the division of society would end. “

For his part, Clinton has highlighted the “new beginning” that Biden’s entry into the White House represents. “Everyone needs to get off the donkey and reach out to their friends and neighbors and try to make it possible,” he added.

“I am happy that he is there and I wish him the best. Today he has spoken for us and now he will guide us. We are ready to march with you,” he said.

The three former presidents have launched this joint message in support of American democracy and Biden, who has formally assumed office in a symbolic ceremony in which he has also advocated for “unity”, after the assault on the Capitol, as opposed to ” lies “and violence.

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