The arrival of Kamala Harris to the Vice Presidency, “a good thing” for much of the American population

The arrival of former Senator Kamala Harris to the Vice Presidency of the United States, Kamala Harris is perceived as a “good thing” for 50 percent of the American population, according to a survey that places at 15 percent the proportion of citizens who consider that This historic milestone may be a “bad thing” for the country.

The poll, released by CBS News, asks Americans “if they see a good thing that Kamala Harris is the first woman and person of color to become vice president of the country,” a question about which 35 percent of respondents prefers not to pronounce.

The poll has broken down these results by social groups, among which are Republican and Democratic women. 90 percent of the latter value it positively while just over half of the Republicans (54 percent) do not enter to value the historic milestone. 32 percent of Republicans think it is “a bad thing” and 15 percent “a good thing.”

Another group for which data has been collected are white and non-white Americans. Among those who value it positively, 43 percent are white and 63 percent are non-white; in the negative assessment, 18 percent are white and 11 percent are non-white; and in those who do not enter to value, 39 percent are white and 27 percent are non-white.

Last August, the then Democratic candidate for the US Presidency, Joe Biden, appointed Harris to complete her candidacy for the election, news that was received with enthusiasm in the Democratic ranks. This Wednesday, both take office after winning the November elections.


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