Putin congratulates Biden on his victory in the presidential elections after the ratification of the Electoral College

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, congratulated the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, after the Electoral College ratified his victory in the presidential elections on November 3 on Monday.

“The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, sent a congratulatory telegram to Joseph Biden on the occasion of his victory in the elections to the Presidency of the United States,” explained the Presidency of Russia, in a statement released in Russian and English.

Putin has pointed out that cooperation based on equality and mutual respect is in the interests of Russia and the United States and the international community.

“Russia and the United States, two nations with a great responsibility for global security and stability, can contribute, despite their discrepancies, to the solution of many problems and challenges that the world is currently facing,” he stressed. “For my part, I am ready for interaction and contacts with you,” the Russian president assured.

The president of Russia did not congratulate Joe Biden after US media projections placed the Democratic candidate as the clear winner of the November 3 presidential election, with a forecast of 306 votes out of the 270 needed to get confirmation in the Electoral College.

Unlike other international leaders, the Russian president has waited until the day when the United States Electoral College has officially awarded Biden more than 300 of the 270 votes necessary to achieve victory in this electoral body that decides the North American presidential elections.

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