The US breaks a new daily record of deaths from coronavirus after registering more than 3,000

The United States has registered for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic more than 3,000 deaths from the coronavirus this Wednesday, while it already adds 289,373 deaths since the outbreak of the health crisis.

There has not been such a high number of fatalities in the country since last April 22, when 2,861 people lost their lives due to the disease, according to the NBC television network.

The United States is facing an increase in the incidence rates of COVID-19, with an average of 205,601 daily cases and 2,260 deaths during the last week. Figures that contrast with the 158,396 cases and 1,176 deaths on a daily average that were recorded four weeks ago.

Also this Wednesday there has been a record in the number of hospitalizations in the country, with 106,688 patients admitted due to the coronavirus.

According to figures provided by Johns Hopkins University, the United States has accumulated 15,386,564 people infected by the coronavirus since the outbreak of the global pandemic, of which 289,373 have died.

These numbers place the country as the country most affected by the disease worldwide, amid controversy and criticism of the Administration of President Donald Trump, due to the lack of measures adopted at the federal level to curb infections.


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