Fauci says he had no contact with Biden’s team and claims a “delicate” transition of power

The Doctors Association asks Trump to give the data of the pandemic to the Democratic leader

The main scientific head in the fight against the coronavirus in the United States, Anthony Fauci, assured this Tuesday that he has not yet had any contact with the team of Joe Biden, virtual winner of the presidential elections on November 3, and has claimed a “delicate” power transition process.

“If the transition is not delicate, it will not be possible to optimize all the efforts that have been carried out,” Fauci said in statements to the CNN news network.

As you have explained, it is necessary for the parties to address certain issues such as levels of medical supplies, such as personal protective equipment for health workers, as well as the vaccination program.

However, the current president, Donald Trump, continues to deny having lost the elections and has decided to go ahead with his legal recourse before the courts of different crucial states.

Biden, for his part, has warned that the refusal by the White House to follow the rules and work with the incoming administration could harm the country. “More people will die if we don’t coordinate,” he said.

At the moment there are two vaccines that have given positive results in the framework of clinical trials for the definitive launch. The first doses could be given before the end of the year, although development of the vaccine continues.

Fauci has warned, however, that until vaccines are available the population will have to continue acting with caution and responsibility, in addition to using masks and maintaining a safe distance.

“Vaccines are important, but the important point is that we do not want these vaccines to return to complacent people,” he asserted before adding that “aid is coming, but it has not yet arrived.”

The Association of Physicians of the United States and the Association of Nurses have asked in a letter to Trump that he transfer the data of the pandemic to Biden in order to plan measures to respond to the health crisis.

As the text states, delaying the transition of power could “cost lives” and lead to a “new outbreak of cases.” “Real-time data and information on treatments, tests, respirators, hospital capacities, and protective equipment are essential to build a nationwide breadth and save lives,” the doctors warned.

As reported by the newspaper ‘The Hill’, Biden himself has lamented that the situation could translate into a greater loss of American life and has demanded coordination.

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