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Twitter introduces Fleets, the temporary ‘tweets’ that expire after 24 hours

The social network Twitter has globally launched a new function on its platform called ‘Fleets’ on Tuesday, which allows you to publish temporary ‘tweets’ that are deleted after 24 hours, a format quite similar to Instagram’s ‘Stories’.

The objective of ‘Fleets’ is that people feel more comfortable to join conversations on Twitter, since with this format what they publish will be available only for a few hours and not permanently, as reported by the Director of Design of the company, Joshua C. Harris, at an ‘online’ event.

The ‘fleets’ will appear at the top of the platform in the form of circles and to see those of other users, you just have to pass them by sliding your finger from right to left on the device screen, or simply selecting on the screen.

When creating a new ‘fleet’, users can add texts, background images and videos, although it is also possible to quote ‘tweets’ through this new function, where text and emoticons can also be added.

Likewise, users who create a new ‘fleet’ will be able to check the people who have seen it, and any user who answers a ‘fleet’ will open a private conversation with its creator.

The company has indicated that at the moment the new function will not notify users if other people have taken a screenshot of their ‘fleet’, although it has stated that it is working on it.

Twitter began testing a new feature in its iOS app in June that allows users to share voice tweets of up to 140 seconds. Some authors have used it to show a small part of their next audiobook and some singers have even published a few seconds of their next songs.

Now the company has confirmed that it has started testing a new feature in Brazil that allows users to send voice messages through direct messages.

Twitter received criticism after announcing the voice tweets for not having thought about accessibility for deaf or hard-of-hearing people and, therefore, the company has stated that it is working to add transcripts to both voice tweets and other formats starting next year.

Likewise, Twitter is working on a new function called ‘Spaces’ with which users can communicate by voice directly with another person or a group of people.

The company has indicated that with this new function it seeks to create intimate spaces in which users feel “safe and comfortable.” For that reason, Twitter will first test this new tool with a very small group of people who are often victims of abuse on the platform: women and marginalized groups, to get their ‘feedback’ on the function and then launch it to more users.

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