The coronavirus pandemic adds 239,700 cases in one day and is close to 15 million infected

Exceeds 616,000 deaths with the United States registering more than 64,000 positives in the last day and Brazil more than 40,000

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has registered 239,700 new cases in the last 24 hours, which brings the balance to more than 14.95 million infected people and more than 616,000 fatalities, according to the published global balance. this Wednesday at 9.30 am by Johns Hopkins University.

The United States accumulates 3.9 million cases and 142,066 fatalities, after adding 64,500 new positives in the last 24 hours. Brazil – with 2.15 million positives and 81,847 deaths, including 41,000 new cases from the previous balance – is instead the country with the most patients recovered, with 1.55 million people saved.

For its part, India records 1.19 million infections with 28,732 deaths, after registering 37,700 positives in the last 24 hours. Then, Russia accumulates 782,040 infections and 12,561 deaths.

In fifth place is South Africa with 381,798 positives and 5,368 deaths, followed by Peru, which accumulates 362,087 infections and 13,579 deaths, and by Mexico, with 356,255 positives and 40,400 deaths.

For its part, Chile has 334,683 infected people and 8,677 deaths, while the United Kingdom has 297,389 people with coronaviruses and 45,507 fatalities.

Then, Iran accumulates 278,827 positives and 14,634 deaths, ahead of Pakistan, with 267,428 infected people and 5,677 deaths, and Spain, with 266,194 infected and 28,424 deaths.

Saudi Arabia widely exceeds the threshold of 250,000 cases, with a total of 255,825 infected people and 2,557 deaths, followed by Italy (244,752 cases and 35,073 deaths), Turkey (221,500 cases and 5,526 deaths), France (214,067 infections and 30,168 deaths) , Colombia (211,038 cases and 7,166 deaths, Bangladesh (210,510 positive and 2,709 deceased) and Germany (203,717 positive and 9,099 dead) close the list of countries that exceed the threshold of 200,000 confirmed cases.

Below the threshold of 200,000 cases are Argentina (136,118), Canada (113,473) and Qatar (107,430), which exceed 100,000 COVID-19 patients.

Iraq (97,159 cases), Indonesia (89,869) and Egypt (89,078) are in the ranking ahead of China, the country where the pandemic originated and which accumulates 85,314 positives. Following are Sweden, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Oman, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Ukraine, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Israel and the Netherlands have exceeded 50,000 cases. They have more than 40,000 Portugal, Singapore, Poland and Guatemala.

For their part, Romania, Nigeria, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Honduras, Armenia and Switzerland have already registered more than 30,000 positives, while Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Japan, Ireland, Algeria, Serbia and Moldova exceed 20,000.

Austria, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Morocco, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, the Czech Republic, Kenya, South Korea, Denmark, Australia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Sudan have registered more than 10,000 positives.

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