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Marc Gasol: “The players are all about to play, we will go to death”

“The physical change is not a request from the team, it was the ideal moment”

The Toronto Raptors Spanish center Marc Gasol explained this Wednesday that “all the players” are in charge of “playing” the outcome of the NBA season in Orlando, “in terms of health issues,” after a break for the coronavirus that has been used to work the physical.

“The physical change has been having the time to do it. After a few moments of frustration during the season, that we did not manage to pick up the pace, the stoppage of the competition came in handy,” he said in an interview with different media via videoconference.

Marc explained the striking physical change that he revealed through social networks a few days ago. “After a past season that was prolonged by luck and a summer also busy winning the World Cup, I did not have time, to which you add that during the NBA season he had problems in the ischium. It was the ideal time to work. Since They informed us of the situation that was going to take a long time. We started working, we designed a plan, “he said.

“The work this time has not been a request from the team. It was more a conclusion of mine that things were not going as I would like and I changed the situation,” he added.

The reigning NBA champion with the Raptors explained that, after many conversations, the players accepted the return of the competition, in a unique venue such as the Disney complex from July 30. “It is different, it is not like the ACB, you have to win the same team four times and that makes the team that is the best win. The track factor disappears, also the wear and tear of travel. The team that wins is the best, that there is no doubt. The team that wins the NBA will be the best this season, “he said.

“Fear, no, but you are willing to abide by what the majority group of players decides. Respect, a lot. We are now in Florida with the team and there are 10,000 new cases a day in this State. We are in that process of quarantine, already in a bubble. They test us every two days, we are giving negative. For me the most difficult thing is to be away from the family. We are players but you are also a husband, father of two creatures, “she added.

“We all took the step of playing, the ways and everything we accept has evolved, like the stage. If the Raptors had known that the cases in Florida would increase so we would not be here. You have to adapt. The players are all on play, as far as the health issue is concerned. The issue of racial justice we all understood that the best way to use our platform is to play. We can use our speaker in a positive way for change, “he confessed.

The Spanish international, who also pointed out that they will travel to the Orlando bubble between July 7 and 9, referred to the objective of fighting racism. “The racial justice movement team has a union of impact, of raising awareness and of what we can do to contribute to a more tolerant and non-racist community. You see around you and you see racism very often. Led by the league and for the teams we are very united. We will do many actions to raise the visibility that we continue talking about this and achieve changes worldwide, “he said.

In addition, the Raptors center made it clear that the target will be the ring. “Returning is a victory, but once you start competing, that gene is what moves you. Having the option of winning a ring close by, we will all go to death. The joy seen in Baskonia went beyond sport. Our mental strength It is very big, we have no excuses, we have confidence and we think we can win, “he explained, mentioning the images of the ACB champion.

On the other hand, Marc referred to his brother Pau for what he is, an important part of his life that he has not seen in a long time. “I would like to see Pau. The part of Pau player is more secondary. For many months I have not seen my brother. His injury was suffered by me and I know the risks he has, but there are more important things if he plays for Barça, in the Lakers or Girona, “he said.

In addition, Marc again recognized his illusion of retiring in Girona wearing short, whatever the category, and appreciated the end of Pesic’s stage at Barça known this Wednesday. “It is professional sports. We are destined to constantly change the workplace. A club like Barça, when they do not reach the end-of-season goals, are things that happen in all teams constantly,” he settled.

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