Johnny Depp dresses up as Jack Sparrow and fans ask for his return to Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney has signed Margot Robbie as the protagonist of the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, a story that has not been well received by some fans, they do not conceive the saga without Johnny Depp as its captain Jack Sparrow. Although at the moment it is not known if the actor will return to the saga, he has recently put on Sparrow’s suit … for a good cause.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Robbie has signed an agreement with Disney to headline the next film, a film whose plot will be set in the same world as the films starring Depp and that will feature other female stars. In light of this news, many followers voiced their discontent on Twitter and called for Depp’s return.

“It’s simple, if the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie doesn’t have Captain Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp, I won’t see it,” said one fan. “Johnny Depp was nominated for an Oscar by Captain Jack Sparrow. But yeah … Let’s pretend he’s not valuable to film history,” said another tweeter.

“Johnny Depp is more than his role as Jack Sparrow. He will do perfectly well without Pirates of the Caribbean, yet Pirates of the Caribbean will suffer without him,” said one netizen.

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This debate over Depp’s tenure in the franchise has coincided with the interpreter’s reappearance in the role of Jack Sparrow for a charitable cause. The artist once again donned his pirate captain outfit to visit a virtual children’s hospital.

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During his intervention, he perfectly embodied the character and even adopted his characteristic accent to chat with three young patients.

“I must thank everyone who made this virtual tour possible,” says Depp in the video, in which he commends the medical staff and the Juiced TV team for bringing them together. “I have been there and I have seen the amount of work that you do in your facilities. Nurses, health workers, doctors: they all work as absolute heroes,” he said.

Precisely this reappearance has made fans even more outraged at the silence of Disney, which at the moment does not seem ready to readmit Depp after the allegations of mistreatment by Amber Heard. “Just last week Johnny Depp made a virtual visit to a hospital like Jack Sparrow and now Disney does this? Johnny Depp is Pirates of the Caribbean,” claimed a viewer.

Listen, Disney: Johnny Depp is the reason Pirates of the Caribbean was successful. He brought Jack Sparrow to life and created an incredible character because of his talent. And by not signing him you will not only lose money and fans, but you will discredit one victim of domestic violence, “wrote one user on Twitter.

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