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China confirms a new increase of 49 cases related to the outbreak in a Beijing market

The Chinese Ministry of Health has reported on Monday 49 new cases of coronavirus, 36 of them detected in the Chinese capital, Beijing, after the new outbreak of infections originated in a wholesale market in the city.

In total, the authorities have confirmed 39 new cases of local transmission, three of them located in the northern province of Hebei, and 10 from abroad, bringing the total number of infections to 83,181. The number of deaths has remained at 4,634.

As of this Sunday, 177 people continue medical treatment for COVID-19, two of them in serious condition, although one more patient has been discharged. In total, 78,370 people have left the hospital after overcoming the illness.

The agency has transferred that China has presented a total of 1,837 imported cases of coronavirus, of the 1,745 have been discharged and 92 remain hospitalized.

In addition, it has reported that 3,852 people are still under medical observation after having had close contact with an infected patient, although 392 ended the same this Sunday.

During the last day, the authorities have transferred 18 new asymptomatic cases, eleven of them imported. Thus, 112 people who do not present symptoms of the disease, including 62 foreigners, continue under medical observation.

Finally, they have indicated that Hong Hong has so far presented 1,109 coronavirus infections, including four deaths and 1,067 people recovered from the disease. Meanwhile, Macao has managed to recover the 45 people who had contracted COVID-19.

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