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Hong Kong leader warns region cannot tolerate “more chaos” after latest protests

The head of the Hong Kong Government, Carrie Lam, has warned on Tuesday that the Chinese special administrative region cannot tolerate “more chaos” after the latest protests on the anniversary of the 2019 protests.

More than a million people took to the streets a year ago to protest the extradition law to mainland China, a move that ended in the withdrawal of the measure by the Hong Kong government.

“All of us see the difficulties we have been through in the last year and due to the serious situations we have now we have more problems to face,” Lam said during his weekly press conference.

Thus, he has underlined the importance of “learning from mistakes”. “I hope that all MPs can learn from it. Hong Kong cannot tolerate more chaos,” he said.

This week, after a several-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, protesters and activists have returned to the streets in Hong Kong to carry out demonstrations and marches.

Anti-government activists and protesters have called for demonstrations this Thursday and have announced that they plan to hold a referendum on Sunday about the possibility of large-scale protests against the national security law passed by the Chinese Parliament.

These regulations, which according to the authorities will focus on those who “endanger national security”, have caused an increase in tension. For many, it is an attempt to curtail the freedoms and rights of Hong Kong citizens.

“Over the past year, Hong Kong and the world have witnessed the deterioration of the situation in Hong Kong, where Beijing is increasing its power and restricting freedoms,” activist Joshua Wong has warned.

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