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Colombian singer J Balvin collaborates with a Catalan artistic collective for his videos

Colombian urban music singer J Balvin, together with music distributor Vevo, has launched his project ‘Official Live Performance’, which covers live songs from his album ‘Colores’ and in collaboration with the Catalan artistic collective Penique Productions, specialists in Inflatable and ephemeral facilities and architecture.

The founder of Penique Productions, Sergi Arbusà, has assured Europa Press that the scenographic proposals and the balloon-shaped installations designed for the video clips have fit both with the conception of the album ‘Colores’ and with the project of the recordings of the’ singles’ live, as they require a “holistic, experimental and presence” format.

For his new project, J Balvin has recorded live new video clips for the songs ‘Amarillo’, ‘Rojo’, ‘Negro’ and ‘Azul’ –the last two exceed 14 million views on YouTube in three weeks–, in spaces conditioned by Penique Productions where the color of each song predominates.

Cinematographer and creative designer Carles Galí (who has worked on video clips such as ‘Desde las alturas’, by Guitarricadelafuente, and ‘En Verano’, by Gabriela Richardson) explained to Europa Press the value and growing importance of “aesthetics and the visual “in the video clips.

“Audiovisual material is being made with great creatives and very specialized teams to offer a highly developed and transversal version of the artist,” he added.

Galí assures that, in recent years, the imaginary and visual strategies have become highly developed concepts and have gained prominence, so that there is a certain totality when conceiving an artist, since “it is not only music, but it is also an image and a speech. “

“Although the pieces are individualized, the audiovisual proposals follow the same aesthetic line that is faithful to the concept and approach of the album”, where there is a conjunction of creative discourses and different disciplines that result in a ‘performance’ with highly attractive aesthetic proposals for the public, as is the case of the new ‘Colors’ videos.

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