Warren says Sanders told him that a woman could not reach the White House

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has assured that her party partner Bernie Sanders, with whom she competes in the Democratic primary for the White House, told her in 2018 during a private conversation that a woman could not reach the U.S. Presidency.

Warren and Sanders are among the favorites of the primaries, where they represent the progressive wing within a party that has yet to decide who is the candidate with the most options to defeat tycoon Donald Trump in the November presidential elections.

Both have maintained a kind of non-aggression pact during this race, but the truce has jumped through the air following information published on Monday by the CNN network, according to which Sanders recognized Warren in 2018 that he did not believe a woman I could get to the White House.

Sanders, who was defeated by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the primaries before the 2016 elections, has labeled the information “ridiculous.” In this regard, he has lamented that sources that “were not in the room” where the meeting “are lying” less than a month after the voting began and recalled that Clinton already won Trump four years ago in popular vote .

However, Warren has reacted to support the CNN version. “I thought a woman could win; he did not agree,” said the senator, recalling a meeting that lasted “more than two hours” and in which both congressmen talked about preparations for budding elections.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who also aspires to the candidacy of the Democratic Party, has come out in defense of Sanders with a tweet in which she has assured that she also met with the senator before announcing her candidacy: “At that meeting, she showed me great respect and encouragement, as he has always done. “


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