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Prince hated the music of Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry

The memories of Prince, ‘The beautiful ones’, just filled with memories and opinions of all kinds about the evolution of the music industry, have just come to light.

Thus, in its pages there is evidence for the posterity that Prince disliked great pop stars of recent years like Ed Sheeran or Katy Perry.

“We have to tell them that they are still trying to get Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran through our throats and that we like that. It doesn’t matter how many times they do it,” writes the deceased musician in 2016.

This reflection is part of the handwritten notes found in Prince’s house in Paisley Park and that have been compiled by his collaborator Dan Piepenbring, chosen in life by the musician to co-write his memoirs.

Piepenbring even spent three months with Prince in 2016 before his death attending concerts all over the world and living with the musician on his property in Minnesota.

“In one room you found something from 1979 and within reach of something from 2002,” recalls the writer about the arduous task of ordering all the items Prince had accumulated.

Taking the title of a song from the album ‘Purple rain’, ‘The beautiful ones’ reviews Prince’s life from his childhood and his relationship with his mother until his successful career.

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