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Hong Kong airport suspends all its flights for the second consecutive day

China.- The Hong Kong airport authority has announced the suspension of all flights scheduled for Tuesday after hundreds of protesters had occupied the terminal’s check-in area, just hours after the activities at the airfield resumed. after Monday’s blockade.

The airport had resumed its activity this Tuesday first thing in the morning. Before the total cancellation of the flights, they had already been canceled more than 300 scheduled for this Tuesday due to the problems that were still dragging the facilities since Monday, according to the ‘South China Morning Post’.

The airport authority has confirmed in a new notice that all flights that have not completed the check-in process before 16.30 (local time) will be canceled. In addition, only planes that are already en route may land, according to the DPA news agency.

With that of this Tuesday there are already five consecutive days of protests at the airport. “We are trying to stop the flights and, as yesterday, we blocked the entire departure zone so that whoever wants to leave Hong Kong cannot do it,” one of the protesters, Joshua Wong, said in statements to the German agency.

The airfield has thus become the main epicenter of a protest that began in early June to demand the paralysis of a law authorizing the extradition of suspects to mainland China. The rebellion, unprecedented in decades, has been hardened with criticism of the Carrie Lam government, to which they have called for broader reforms. Europa Press

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