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Fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt dies at age 95

 New York fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt died on Monday at age 95, according to her son, well-known CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who highlighted the “extraordinary” personality of someone who rose to fame for a famous trial when he was girl.

The artist, well known among the New York upper class, died at home with her family and friends, said Cooper, who stressed that she “loved life and lived by its own rules.”

“She was a painter, writer and designer, but also an outstanding mother, wife and friend,” explained his son in the note published by the television channel, based in New York, of which Cooper is one of the main faces.

“I was 95 years old, but if you ask anyone close to her, they would tell you that she was the youngest person they knew, the most ‘cool’ and the most modern,” ditched the brief statement from CNN.

Born in New York in 1924, Vanderbilt grew up in France, where her mother moved after her death when she had only 18 months to live with her father, the heir of railroad magnate Reginald Vanderbilt.

His life was soon part of the media show, since his mother and his aunt – the sister of the late Reginald Vanderbilt – faced each other in court for their custody, in a sound judgment that was the talk of the time and in which the Gloria’s tutelage ended up, finally, with her aunt Gertrude.

The case was brought to television by NBC in 1982, in a series titled “Little Gloria … Happy at Last” (Little Gloria … Finally Happy), which was nominated for six Emmy Awards and a Globe of Gold.

“As a teenager, she tried to avoid the spotlight, but reporters and cameras followed her everywhere,” said her son, who said her mother “was determined to do something with her life, to make a name for herself. herself, and find the love she so desperately needed. “

Vanderbilt’s life ranged from catwalks, television sets and theater stages, to art exhibitions. His name, well-known, was also that of eight perfumes that L’Oreal firm launched to the market between 1982 and 2002.

What really launched her to fame was her role as a clothing designer, especially for the jeans of her brand -with her name-, whose signature she printed on the back.

A mother of four children and the wife of four husbands -Cooper is the son of the fourth-, Vanderbilt was associated with the most distinguished of the 20th century, such as actor Marlon Brando, singer Frank Sinatra or writer Roald Dahl (EFEUSA). –

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