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Legislate will explain before Congress the consequences of banning cockfights

 San Juan, .- The president of the Commission of Recreation and Sports of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, José Pérez, said today that will take to the United States Congress all the necessary data to contrast the effects of the Farm Bill, which will prohibit cock fights on the island from December.

To this effect, on Monday the fifth and last public hearing ordered by the Resolution of the 1213 Chamber, of its authorship, was held to investigate and evaluate the “sport of gentlemen”, as well as the economic impact that its prohibition will produce.

According to a study previously presented and commissioned by the Club Gallístico de Puerto Rico and carried out by the firm Advantage Consulting, this industry annually injects 65 million dollars into the Puerto Rican economy.

“After this hearing we are ready to download a Final Report on the Resolution that will be translated into English and we will use it to knock on the doors in Washington to the congressmen,” the legislator said.

“We have an economic study that was commissioned by the Club Gallístico de Isla Verde, the data of the Department of Recreation and Sports (DRD), of the sports groups and this Commission so that the Congressmen are in a position to know the reality of the importance of the sport industry for Puerto Rico, “said Pérez.

He argued that despite the economic and political constraints to transfer their claims to Congress “the will is and we will make a trip where we will be presenting this report to the different congressmen and those who are not, we will be making them arrive”.

“That they understand that it is much more than a cultural aspect, which is also very important, but that if the ban were to materialize it would be a serious blow to the local economy,” he stressed. (EFEUSA)

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