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Kevin Durant suffers an Achilles tendon injury to his right foot

Golden State Warriors operations president Bob Myers said Kevin Durant suffered an Achilles tendon injury to his right foot during Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Toronto against the Raptors and Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors won the game 105-106 despite the fact that Durant had to retire in the second quarter. In the 12 minutes he was on track he scored 11 points and got two rebounds.

It was the first game Durant played after a calf injury that had taken him off the court for more than a month.

At a press conference after the game, Myers said that if someone is responsible for what happened to Durant, the blame should go to him.

“They had allowed him to play tonight, it was a joint decision.

I do not think anyone is responsible but I understand in this world, if necessary, I can be blamed for it, “explained Myers.

“And I want to say something about Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant loves basketball and the people who have questioned whether he wanted to return to this team were wrong,” he continued.

“My soul is very hurt right now, I do not want to lie, but seeing my brothers get this victory was like drinking tequila, it gave me new life,” Durant said on his Instagram account.

For his part, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said he was “very proud” of his players for “the incredible heart and courage they have shown.”

“On the other, I’m devastated by Kevin, an incredible victory and a terrible loss at the same time,” he admitted.

Kerr also referred to the reaction of the Toronto public when Durant was injured and the attempts of the Raptors’ players to silence the spectators so that they respected the opponent.

“The Raptors players were telling the crowd to shut up, out of respect, what I appreciate, some of the supporters were applauding when it happened and I think the Raptors players understood the gravity and tried to silence them,” he said.

“For a couple of minutes, everything seemed spooky and strange and it took a little time for the two teams to calm down,” added the Warriors coach. (EFE).

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