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Pence on the migratory crisis: “Mexico has to do more”

Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday that “Mexico has to do more” and “take action” to what he once again described as “humanitarian crisis” on the border, amid talks to avoid the application of tariffs to imports of neighbor of the south.

According to Pence, the conversations between the Mexican and American delegations on this Wednesday were positive, while he advanced that the negotiation will be resumed today at the State Department.

“Our message to the Mexican government is that the time has come for Mexico to act decisively to cooperate with the US and help us comply with our laws, enforcing their laws and securing the borders,” the vice president said.

According to Pence, the White House “values ​​the efforts of Mexican officials to find solutions in the border crisis.”

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard met in the White House on Wednesday with Pence and other senior officials of the country, in a “cordial” meeting that was closed without agreement, President Donald Trump announced from Ireland.

“The conversations will continue at the State Department, both with a White House team and another from that office,” said Pence.

However, he affirmed that Trump will continue “firm” until they put an end to the crisis of “illegal immigration”.

Trump himself said on Thursday in Ireland, before leaving for France to commemorate the “D-Day”, the Normandy landings, that the negotiation “is going well” but that “something quite dramatic could happen”.

“We’ll see what happens,” he questioned.

The president also said that the idea of ​​applying tariffs continue and was “very happy with it.”

For his part, Ebrard agreed that the flow of undocumented immigrants to that country is “growing too much” and sought to move closer with Washington to prevent the entry into force of tariffs of 5% on all imports from Mexico.

Several Republican senators have already spoken out against tariffs that would affect the border states harshly, because the US It is the main commercial partner of Mexico.

Trump’s commercial adviser, Peter Navarro, acknowledged today that “tariffs may not have to come into force”, because the White House has already managed to attract “the attention of Mexican authorities” to the migratory problem. (EFEUSA) .-

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