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YouTube launches Maluma’s documentary trailer

 Los Angeles, .- YouTube today released the trailer of the awaited documentary of the Colombian reguetonero Maluma, “What Was, What I Am, What I Will Be”, which will premiere next June 5 on the platform.

The YouTube Originals project compiles the steps that the Colombian singer took from his humble origins to fill stadiums around the world.

The one and a half minute trailer is a montage of images of his concerts, music videos and other moments of his career with the voice-over of the artist from Medellín (Colombia).
“This is my career, this is my story, this is my life,” says Maluna, 28, at one point in the trailer.

The 90-minute documentary is directed by Jessy Terrero, a Dominican creative who has put his signature on videos like that of American rapper 50 Cent and other prominent names.
The extracts chosen for the trailer show the little faith that some had in the singer’s artistic career.

“Many think that things have been given away,” says Maluma, in contrast to the images of successful concerts.
The documenta also addresses the origins of the singer’s career and how, at five years old, he was already looking for a musical style interpreting themes by the Mexican singer Vicente Fernández.

Next to the trailer of the project, there is an invitation from Maluma itself for users of the platform to register to YouTube Originals.

In his day, YouTube Business Director, Robert Kyncl, said when announcing the project: “While the rest of the media companies are building payment walls, we are heading in the opposite direction and now we have more opportunities than ever to partner with advertisers. and share our critically acclaimed originals with our global audience. “

Earlier this month, Maluma shared on his Instagram account some images of what the documentary will be.
In just six hours the publication obtained more than one million reproductions, which augurs a resounding success for “What Was, What I Am, What I Will Be”.

Last March the platform announced that it is preparing “a secret project” with Justin Bieber, without giving more details. (EFEUSA)

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