Diego Maradona travels to Argentina to have surgery and continues in the Dorados

 Buenos Aires, .- Diego Maradona will travel to Argentina on Tuesday to undergo surgery on his left shoulder and then return to Mexico to continue as coach of the Sinaloa Dorados, according to his agent and friend, Matías Morla, informed on Monday.

Morla explained to Clarín newspaper that the surgery was “scheduled” and that, once recovered, Maradona will return to Mexico.

The 58-year-old coach had questioned his continuity in front of the Mexican Second Division team.

“I ask for a two-year project with a budget to buy the players I like, I also have to do a cleanup of players who do not go with the game we already have, and if they tell me that something is not coming, I will leave Culiacán with the best memory in the world, “the world champion with Argentina in 1986 had said.

However, his agent was restrictive, said Maradona “is still in Dorados” and ruled out having received proposals to lead in Argentina, as was rumored. (EFE)


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