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Trump criticizes “false news” political programs and defends his achievements

 Washington, DC – US President Donald Trump undertook this Sunday against the Sunday political programs he called “false news” and asked them to report on economic records and achievements in other fields of his administration. .

“For all the Sunday political programs of fake news, whose bias and dishonesty is the greatest ever seen in our country, please inform your viewers that our economy is setting records,” Trump wrote in his Twitter account.

According to the president, the United States has “more people employed today than at any other time in history” and defended his government’s measures against the military, veterans, the courts and the Supreme Court.

He also stressed that “drug prices fell for the first time in 51 years (and will soon fall much more)”, while highlighting the tax cut and its foreign policy, which he described as “strong”.

“And much, much more than anyone could have done, our country is being GREAT,” the president added in his message chain.

Trump also took the opportunity to respond to the opinions that was revealed on Twitter by Republican congressman Justin Amash, who considered that Trump engaged in “actionable” conduct.

Amash, who in May of 2017 had been in favor of opening a process of impeachment to Trump if it was shown that he pressured former FBI Director James Comey to abandon the investigation of one of his advisers for his links with Russia. , this Saturday separated from the line of his party, the same Trump.

The legislator considered that the general prosecutor, William Barr, “distorted” the judicial report on the so-called Russian plot prepared by special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

On April 18, Barr argued that there is “insufficient evidence” that Trump obstructed justice in the context of the investigation into the Russian plot, and insisted that “there was no conspiracy” of the president with Russia.

Barr spoke shortly before Congress and the Justice Department received a censored version of Mueller’s report on the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

“Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances,” Amash complained on Twitter, noting that “few members of Congress have read the report.”

Nevertheless, Trump left today to the step of those critics, and it referred to the congressman of Michigan like “a light weight” that is against to him and the “great ideas and republican policies”.

The president indicated that if Amash read Mueller’s report, he would see that there was no “conspiracy” or “obstruction,” and he called it a “loser.” (EFEUSA)

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