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Brazilian authorities seek to attract foreign capital in the United States

 New York, – The governor of the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Joao Doria, regional offices and leaders of the legislative and judicial branches of that country met Monday in New York with more than a hundred investors in the headquarters of the Bank of America, where they held a business lunch.

“I think that after the social reform, which I hope will be approved in the next three or four months, we will be open and prepared to receive new investments,” Doria said in a statement to Efe after the meeting, part of a five-day trip that has as a goal to attract foreign capital to the governing state.

Before departing, Doria explained that he is looking for investors for an ambitious privatization plan in 62 infrastructure areas such as roads, railways, waterways or airports, an investment opportunity that reaches 10,150 million dollars and in which there are “diverse North American funds” interested. “

The event, behind closed doors and attended by entrepreneurs and Brazilian and US investment funds, was attended by the president of the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, Rodrigo Maia, the president of the Senate, David Alcolumbre and the president of the Supreme Court, José Antonio Dias Toffoli.

Also present were the governors of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite; from Minas Gerais, Romeu Zena, and the regional secretaries of Sao Paulo for the portfolios of Agriculture, Gustavo Junqueira; International Relations, Júlio Serson; Metropolitan Transport, Alexandre Baldy; and Treasury, Henrique Meirelles.

In a video of the speech provided by the Government of Sao Paolo, Doria defended the “harmony” between the Brazilian powers before lunch attendees and demanded support to give institutional “legitimacy” to the reform of the pension system, which he considered a ” turning point “in the history of the country.

Doria later described the lunch as a “success” and pointed out that Sao Paolo, a “large market with 45 million consumers”, is “prepared to receive new investments” since it is a state with “good infrastructure”, the “largest Port of Latin America “, located in Santos, and a” strong “agricultural sector.

Before going to the meeting at Bank of America, the governor paid a visit to the heads of the New York Police and the FBI, while this afternoon he went to a dinner hosted by Safra Bank (EFEUSA).

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