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Camilo Echeverry declares himself a “thief” of the great singer-songwriters

 Miami, .- Colombian artist Camilo Echeverry, co-author of hits such as “My bad”, “No pajama” and “No boyfriend”, is ready to present the songs he has written for himself and his personal style, which recognizes who has “stolen” from great Spanish singer-songwriters.

“In my house there was no radio,” reveals the 24-year-old during an interview with Efe in Miami. “We had boxes of albums by artists like the Beatles, Charly Garcia, Facundo Cabral, Mercedes Sosa, Pink Floyd. That was my first seed, since I was little, my dream was to inherit that. “

But, understanding that “everyone has to make their own way and reinvent the warm water,” he put together his own style. “I would say that I am a thief more than an heir. And armed robbery without a mask, I go straight, “he acknowledges to add Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler in a group of” victims “of which he boasts with” pride “.

Camilo, as he wants to be known at this stage of his career, explains that the decision to return to the stage in 2019 after years of absence was not rational.
“I am an artist who obeys above all the honesty and impulses of my heart,” he says.

It was his heart that told him to move to Miami almost four years ago after seven months of love with his now promised Evaluna Montaner, the youngest daughter of singer Ricardo Montaner, which forced him to start from scratch after an artistic career started in adolescence after participating in the television contest “Factor X” in 2010, which allowed him to release two albums in Colombia.

He was also the one who recommended that he “lock himself in the studio, write, produce” and the one who told him that it was time to “go out again” with his sound “.
The initial result has been two themes that already have a stamp of success. “Unknown”, with his future brothers-in-law and “brothers of the soul”, Mau and Ricky, and his compatriot Manuel Turizo.

The other one is “No te vayas”, the first single from his new stage as a soloist, which has already amassed more than 21 million views on YouTube.
This Thursday he released with the Colombian Sebastián Yatra what he considers to be “one of the most important songs” he has written, “Guerra”, which touches on suicide issues as a result of low self-esteem and harassment.

The Camilo of the songs of romantic love and self-love seems divorced from the one who has collaborated in controversial compositions of the urban genre such as “Sin Pijama”, the success of Becky G and Natti Natasha, or “Duro y suave”, by Leslie Grace and Noriel.
“When you write for someone else you are being a composer, but you are also being an actor. I’m Ricky Martin for a moment, for a moment I’m Becky G, “he says to explain the difference between the two sides of his work.

The themes and the language are what the artists need, but not what he would say or how he would say it, he says.

Although now focuses on the part of his career that places him before the public, he will still receive this year another work by Camilo as a composer and producer when Ricardo Montaner’s new album comes onto the market.

But in addition, he declares himself “picky” (picky) with the compositions he makes for him. “When I write for other artists I can take out a song in two hours, for me it takes me up to weeks”.
It is less “annoying” with his clothes and his ‘look’, although his public image would indicate otherwise.

“You saw my girlfriend,” he says. His mustache, which has created confrontations between his fans, was born out of curiosity and is maintained by rebellion: “They criticized me so much, that I said to myself, now I leave it, because I’m not a model, I’m a singer-songwriter and how I would not have to be the most important. “

His medium-term future includes releasing more singles, a format of which he says he is “in love”, and continuing to feed the YouTube channel with his girlfriend, who upload videos about their relationship from a Christian perspective and highlighting the “power of love for improve and enlighten life in hard times. “

“Somebody write you that he was going to kill himself or that he was going to have an abortion and he changed his mind after seeing us is the biggest prize,” he says. (EFEUSA)

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