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Trump renames P. Rico’s fiscal board to comply with a court ruling

 Washington, DC – US President Donald Trump sent nominations to the Senate on Monday of the seven current members of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) of Puerto Rico, whose appointments he considered “unconstitutional” a court in February. .

In this way, the president tries to comply with that ruling of the Federal Court of Appeals of the First Circuit, with headquarters in Boston but jurisdiction over Puerto Rico, which on February 15 granted 90 days (until May 16) to remedy the situation.

Trump named the current members of the JFS for the seven seats: José Baldomero Carrión, Arthur J. González, Ana Matosantos, Carlos M. García, José R. González, David Skeel and Andrew George Biggs.

The nomination is for them to fulfill their three-year term for which they were appointed in 2016 and which ends next August.

In a statement, Trump said that “the work of the JSF for Puerto Rico is providing the necessary stability and supervision to address these chronic problems that will bring hope for a brighter future for Puerto Rico.”

The ruling of February 15 responded to a challenge brought by the Union of Workers in the Electrical and Irrigation Industry (Utier) and the investment firm Aurelius.

The court considered in its ruling that the members of the JSF are high-ranking officials, so their designation requires confirmation from the Senate, something that was not established by the “Promise” law of 2016 with which the board was created.

The JSF has requested the Boston Court of Appeals to extend the deadline of May 16 for its charges to be confirmed and, on the other hand, filed an appeal with the Supreme Court against the first ruling.

Trump has repeatedly complained that the Senate takes months to process and confirm his nominations, which he has blamed on the Democrats. (EFE)

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